The majority of people assume that the job they currently have will not be the one they retire from in years to come. Most employees presume that they will either be promoted to a more challenging role within the company or accept a more lucrative role outside of it. One of the simplest ways to find a better job is to look at the open vacancies within your current company. Employers often like to fill vacancies with internal candidates for several reasons. These can range from reducing costs – formally advertising a position or employing a head-hunter may be expenses that employers do no want to incur.

In addition to this, candidates from within the company have a known work history and it is often easy to gain information from an employees supervisor rather than conducting a background check on a potential employee that nobody has any trusted knowledge of. The final benefit of internal candidates is that they already have a working knowledge of the company and would not have to go through the costly training which all new employees must be put through in order to understand company standards and procedures.

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