Excitement is building for the announcement of the iPhone 5. There have been plenty of rumors circulating about the features that will be included in the iPhone 5. It’s not unreasonable to expect that some of the more realistic sounding rumors to come into fruition and become real features on the phone. So what new features can fans of the iPhone expect with Apple’s release?

1. iCloud – Rumor has it that Apple is going to incorporate cloud computing in their newest installment of the iPhone, allowing users the ability to store and access personal documents on an online server rather than the phone itself. That means music, photos, videos, documents, and more can be accessed without taking up space on your iPhone.

2. iOS 5 – This brand new operating system should prove to be a big upgrade over Apple’s previous iteration of iOS. It will improve on the already excellent fluidity of the iPhone as well as include new features such as iMessage, AirPlay, and Newsstand. Users will also be able to wirelessly sync with their computer.

3. Improved CPU – The iPhone 4 has been criticized for its sometimes slow speed. Apple has supposedly responded and decided to increase RAM to 512 megabytes. The improved CPU speeds will make this criticism a problem of the past, and it will also let users multi-task with without worrying about slowing down the phone or draining battery life.

4. Improved flash camera – There is word that the iPhone 5 will include an 8MP LED flash camera. This will make iPhone fans happy. Users can now take high quality pictures in dark settings and won’t have to be jealous about Android users having a superior camera.

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