These are all extra methods to get traffic to your new software. They might not be so commonly used but have a lot of benefits. They can boost the popularity of your software in no time. Some can even drive a ton of sales almost overnight. These work with any type of software product.

Pad file submission

One of the fastest method to get traffic to your new software is by submitting it to the hundreds of software directories. You need to create the so called PAD file. You can find free tools online that will help you make this pad file.

They allow pad file submissions so if you update your software information you simple update your pad file instead of re submitting your software again.

The pad file, which ends in .xml instead of .com or .html is what you submit to these so called software directories. There are semi automated tools that will help you in the submission process.

If you software is not shareware or freeware, you won’t be able to submit cause they only allow shareware or freeware types. Though you can create a demo and submit the demo. The benefits include the extra traffic from all these directories and also the backlinks you get. Most often they let you list your home page along with download link of your software.

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