From timing to setting the right tone, sending moving announcements can be overwhelming when you have shipping and packing and relocating and redecorating on your mind! But you can simplify this step of the process with a few easy tips and tricks. Follow this simple advice, and you can turn announcement stress into announcement magic!

1. Order your moving announcements as soon as possible. The real estate market is fairly unpredictable, but if you find an announcement design ahead of time, you will save time when it comes to actually ordering your customized cards.

2. If you already know which design you want, you can preorder your envelopes to get a head start on addressing your moving announcements.

3. Organize your address book before you move. That way, sending your announcements will be a breeze and you will be more organized once the big move takes place!

4. Most people send moving announcements immediately after they move.

5. If you chose to send them before your move, be sure to include the move-in date on your announcements so your friends know when to start using your new address.

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