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Apple’s early Prime Day sale has iPads, AirTags and more at record-low prices

Fans of fruit-themed tech, gather ’round! This year, Prime Day deals have arrived early — a full week early, in some cases. We’re talking all-time low prices on AirPods and massive discounts on a wide range of Apple devices. If you find that your buds just don’t have the same quality they once did (or you went just a little too far testing their water resistance), then it might be time to pick up a new pair.

The deals don’t just stop at audio, though. MacBooks are marked down by significant margins, too! And if you’re a student, you might be able to save even more through Apple’s Back to School program. Thinking of picking up an iPad for yourself? Apple Arcade has a lot of awesome games and makes for a great way to while away the hours when you’re escaping the summer heat. Why is this important? Easy: Apple rarely sees steep discounts like this, but this sale has some of the lowest prices ever on fan favorites.

Looking for even more deals? We’ve put together a roundup of the best early Prime Day savings across the board from all of your favorite brands, so don’t forget to check that out to find some of the sweetest, most Red Gala-worthy sales this side of Black Friday.


These are the cheapest AirPods you can buy. Not just now — ever! That’s right: these have never dropped this low before, so you can take advantage of all of their great features while paying about half what you normally would. 

$69 at Amazon


We named the AirPods Pro as the best wireless earbuds overall and for good reason: they combine truly excellent audio quality with impressive noise-canceling. The battery life is a major plus, too. But the biggest selling point? These are at an all-time low price right now — we’ve never seen them drop to this price before. 

$169 at Amazon


These third-generation buds combine some of the best features of the Pros with the affordability of the base AirPods. You get personalized spatial audio and improved sweat and water resistance (although the battery life is roughly the same), but now you get it for an all-time low price. That’s right: these didn’t even drop this low on Black Friday. 

$129 at Amazon


The AirPods Max are Apple’s only over-ear headphones, but they pack a whole lot of style into that package. Sure, they cost a pretty penny, but they’re currently marked down to the lowest price they’ve ever been. They have all the features you expect from AirPods, minus the potential discomfort of having a speaker in your ear. 

$399 at Amazon


When’s the last time you misplaced something? I spent far too long looking for my wallet this morning. AirTags can take away that problem entirely, allowing you to track exactly where your items vanish to. Right now, these are available for their lowest price ever. This deal makes it about $19 per tracker. 

$75 at Amazon


If you really only need to track a single item (and you don’t see any plans to expand that tracking in the future), then buying a single AirTag — especially when it’s on sale — is the way to go. With its one-tap setup, this little doodad goes to work right away. 

$24 at Amazon


This laptop is incredibly thin and light, which makes it perfect for anyone on the go. It has a lot of power despite its small size, and the discount is nothing to sneeze at, either — especially for a MacBook. 

$999 at Amazon


Powered by the M2 chip, this MacBook Air is just as lightweight as its newer cousins but is available at a slightly discounted rate. You might not think that $100 off is much, but we’ve rarely seen this model drop lower than this. Now is a great time to buy — stock is limited, and this deal might end when the stock runs out. 

$899 at Amazon


This iPad might be a few years old, but it offers one of the best value propositions of any tablet on the market. With this discount (which is only $20 more than the lowest price ever, by the way), you get a tablet that’s ideal for everything from working to playing, and for a bargain compared to the price of comparable tablets. 

$247 at Amazon


If all-day battery life, compatibility with the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard Folio and incredibly fast connection speeds sound good to you, then you’ll want to take a look at this tenth-generation powerhouse of a tablet. 

$324 at Amazon


If price has held you back from picking up an Apple smartwatch, this discount on the Apple Watch SE might be just the push you need to click that buy button. It tracks everything from heart rate to how well you sleep and even includes crash detection. Cool, huh? This price is only $11 above the lowest we’ve ever seen. 

$189 at Amazon


The Apple Watch Series 9 is one of the most advanced smartwatches you can buy today. This thing is loaded with accurate tracking technology — it can even do ECG scans! — among other cool features, like water resistance up to a certain depth. It’s good news for everyone then that it’s marked down so far for Prime Day. 

$329 at Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)


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