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I buy these ‘invisible’ $5 undies in bulk at Target — they’re so comfy I forget I’m wearing them

I can think of at least 50 things I’d rather talk about than my underwear, but I believe in sisterhood and women looking out for other women. I’ve suffered through way too many years of uncomfortable undies to let another lady do the same. TMI alert: I’m about to go into graphic detail about the greatest undergarments I’ve ever worn. Consider yourself warned.


With apologies to Sisqo, this is the thong th-thong thong thong you won’t wanna show — it’s designed to be undetectable under light-colored clothing.

$5 at Target

For most of my life, I was strictly a briefs-and-bikinis kind of gal. There was no way anyone could convince me that strip of fabric between my cheeks was anything other than intrusive and uncomfortable. But as an adult, friends and colleagues shamed me for not wearing thongs. How could I wear granny panties? they’d ask. Didn’t I care about people seeing my underwear lines? The truth is, I didn’t. Well, not until they made it clear that these were things I should be worrying about.

So, I spent much of my late 20s wearing horribly uncomfortable thongs that didn’t show panty lines, but did make me rush home to rip them off as soon as humanly possible. By my 30s, I was done torturing myself. I went back to bikinis. But I’d had a baby and my body changed (aka my booty got bigger) and it was nearly impossible to find a pair that didn’t ride up with every move. Still, they were leaps and bounds better than any thong I’d ever tried, so I stuck with them.

Then, earlier this year, as I approached the big 4-0, I learned about laser-cut underwear. I know, I’m a shopping editor and I should know these things, but I’d resigned myself to mediocre undies long ago, so I stopped looking. On a whim, I decided to try a cheap pair — Target’s Auden Women’s Laser Cut Thong, to be exact — just to see if I liked them, and oh boy, did I. Fast forward a few months and I now own — wait for it — 16 pairs!

Women's Laser Cut Thong

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a “thong person,” this affordable, comfortable style might convert you.

I have a compulsive personality and almost always buy multiples of things I love, but this underwear is on another level. First of all, it’s just $5. Buy four pairs, and the price drops even further. Don’t tempt me with a good deal!

More importantly, this laser-cut thong is everything a good pair of women’s panties should be: soft, seamless, comfortable and versatile. The fabric is smooth and weightless. I forget I even have them on most days. Even better, they come in several nude shades that are truly invisible underneath your clothes. Body-hugging dresses, white jeans, lightweight linen — you can’t see them, and no lines either! Best of all: This is the one thong I have found that is truly comfortable. I wear these every single day and I am not exaggerating when I say — ahem — it doesn’t feel like I have something in my crack. A miracle!

I’m not the only woman who gets giddy talking about this holy grail find. More than 2,100 Target customers have rated this thong, giving it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

“[I] love that these are invisible under tight-fitting clothes and so comfortable!” said one similarly smitten shopper.

Another added, “These panties are great! They fit very well, they’re nice and smooth with no lines and [they have] a cotton gusset. I would buy these again and again.”

Of course, not every shopper loves them as much as I do. Among the top complaints? Some say the material doesn’t hold up in the wash, and others say the fit isn’t quite right for their body.

“The crotch is so narrow and my lady parts are not covered,” one shopper explained. “They ride up in the front … The only nice thing is the softness.”

A final buyer commented, “I liked how soft these were the first few times I wore them. However, after a few washes, they have started to fray (even though I air-dry them). They’re still nice for no-show in certain dresses and pants.”

I concede that the fabric is delicate, so I usually hand-wash and air-dry my thongs. They’re still in great shape. If I’m strapped for time, I’ll throw them in the washing machine — always in a lingerie bag — but never in the dryer.


Most shoppers say this thong runs true to size, and I agree. The four neutral hues are your best bet for incognito unmentionables, but there are patterns and vibrant hues too, like this lovely light green pair.

$5 at Target

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