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Tronsmart Unveils Trio of Kid-Friendly Kids Headphones

Kids’ Gifts for School & Fun with Safe Volume Control

SHENZHEN, China, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tronsmart, a global audio brand for Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones, announced the release of three new headphones specifically designed for the enjoyment of kids: KH01 Wired Kids Headphones, which are comfortable and durable; KH02, the budget Wireless Headphones for kids’ hearing protections; And KH03, premium headphones with active noise cancelling, are ideal for classes and fun.

Tronsmart Kids Headphones
Tronsmart Kids Headphones

All models are foldable for easy carrying, featuring safe volume control to protect children’s hearing. With ultimate comfort design and durable kid-friendly materials, they are perfect for school, airplane, car, and home entertainment use.

KH01: Safe & Durable Wired Kids Headphones

The KH01 Wired Kids Headphones combine durability with comfort. Featuring safe volume control options of 85dB and 93dB, they protect young ears while providing a snug, ergonomic fit. 
Rugged resilient headband & enhanced nylon-braided cable to ensure endure the rigors of daily use, even when yanked on. They come with 3.5mm audio cable, which can be compatible with iPads, laptops, Kindles, tablets, smartphones and other devices.

KH02: The Budget Wireless Kids Headphones

Experience the ultimate freedom with the KH02 wireless kids headphones. They guarantee endless enjoyment with 45 hours of playtime. The premium omnidirectional HD microphone allows exceptional clarity on classes & calls. Adopted with advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, they offer seamless streaming of your favorite tunes. Additionally, the KH02 can switch between wired and wireless modes thanks to the 3.5mm audio port.

KH03: Premium ANC Wireless Kids Headphones

The KH03 ANC Wireless Kids Headphones take things further with active noise cancellation, perfect for sessions or immersive music in noisy surroundings. They are made from the premium kid-friendly materials to ensure better comfort, and feature the same safe volume control of 74dB/85dB/93dB and include dynamic LED lights for a bit of fun. With an impressive battery life of up to 70 hours, KH03 are designed for worry-free use on the go. Freely switch to the wired mode with the 3.5mm jack.

Availability and Price

The KH01 is available in two colors (Violet Pink, Navy Blue) at price $11.99/€11.99 with early-bird discount on and The KH02 is available in two colors (Baby Pink, Navy Blue) at price $19.99/€21.99 with early-bird discount on and Both the two models can be purchased on Additionally, the KH03 will be available in July.


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