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This wildly popular breakfast sandwich maker changed my mornings forever — it’s down to $33 for Memorial Day

When it’s done right, the breakfast sandwich is a work of art. First, there’s the crunchy, chewy support system, aka the bread. Then you have the egg, the humble centerpiece of this timeless tableau that can be taken to myriad delicious places, depending on what you add. Some use bacon, sausage or ham; others opt for cheese — or both. And don’t even get me started on the hot sauce. The breakfast sandwich is a gift we give to ourselves, best eaten toasty and made with love.

However, whipping up a masterpiece takes time, which is why breakfast sandwiches are often created and consumed on weekends or away from home — unless you have the top-selling Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, which I discovered at Amazon one fortuitous morning. And now, another wonderful discovery: You can get it for just $33 at Amazon for Memorial Day when you apply the on-page coupon.

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Just add ingredients to each nonstick pan, close the device, wait about five minutes and remove the layers to stack the sandwiches. Breakfast for two is served!

Save $10 with coupon

$33 at Amazon

A McDonald’s Sausage Egg McMuffin will cost you about $4, depending on where you live. That’s not a lot, but you have to get dressed, get in the car, drive over and wait in line — and that takes time. Instead, you could skip all that and make a breakfast sandwich at home while your coffee brews. Surely all that convenience and saved time is worth $33. We’ve never seen the price dip lower than this!

I tested out the individual sandwich maker, and it did not disappoint. The contraption features layers of hot plates stacked on top of each other — essentially mini pans designed to perfectly cook each individual component. Plus, there’s a handy timer that lets you know when the goods are done, so it’s basically foolproof.

It’s a snap to use: Add ingredients to each pan and close the device. The pans are removable, so when time is up (usually five minutes), simply remove them and stack up the piping-hot goodness.

I was skeptical at first. After all, I was used to spending a lot of time crafting breakfast sandwiches. But after using this device once, I was hooked. It pristinely cooked every element of the sandwich — even the egg! The ham was smoky and warm, the cheese was perfectly melted, and the egg was the ideal level of gooeyness. Plus, my English muffin didn’t get soggy (I figured it would, given that I put one on top of the egg).

After using the appliance for more than a year, I can honestly say it works just as well now as it did at the beginning. It saves me so much time in the mornings and makes the perfect meal to keep me fueled and energized all day.

Plus, washing it is super easy too. Just put the nonstick pans in the dishwasher or hand-wash ’em. And need we point out that kids will love the double sandwich maker as much as the grownups?

three dual breakfast sandwich makers on a green and white background

This thing really puts the “fast” in “breakfast.” (Amazon)

More than 18,000 Amazon reviewers have given this a.m. hunger-slayer five out of five stars.

“Trust me when I say, it’s a game-changer for breakfast lovers everywhere,” raved one happy home cook. “Not only is it super easy to use (just pop in your ingredients, close the lid, and voila!), but it’s also incredibly easy to clean. No more messy stovetops or multiple pans needed — just one compact device that does it all.”

“I was looking for a simple way to prepare a great breakfast sandwich that wasn’t frozen; this was the answer,” shared another. “I originally bought the one-sandwich option but quickly realized the two-sandwich option was the way to go because everyone in our family loves to make them. I have found countless recipes online that give me new and creative ideas for sandwich options.”

Another shopper explained how easy it is to use on busy mornings: “My husband loves making breakfast sandwiches every morning before work. It takes three and a half minutes before it’s done, so he makes his coffee and then enjoys them to take on the go, together.”

Nonetheless, one four-star fan warned that once the device is plugged in, it’s on: “Easy to clean, easy to use, my only gripe is that the power is controlled by plugging in and unplugging. Should be a power button for it.”

“The one thing I do wish [is] that you could simply pour egg whites from a carton into this,” shared a final reviewer. “It spills out. But hey, that issue is minimal.”


You can also use this device to make grilled cheese and other hot sandwiches in a flash.

Save $10 with coupon

$33 at Amazon

Not a fan of breakfast sandwiches? How about this nifty device for making a fast-casual favorite at home?


You can make all kinds of eggs with this little cooker! It can make sous vide egg bites (just like Starbucks!), hard-boiled eggs, omelets, scrambled eggs, fried eggs and poached eggs.

$30 at Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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